Emerging Women Leaders

Half-day Programs
• Develop Executive Presence (Condensed)

• Take Risks: Step Out Your Comfort Zone

• Understanding Unconscious Bias for Women

• Navigate your Career with Intention

• Drive Relationships and Leverage Mentors

• Know the Business

• Career Development

• Speak and Be Heard: High Impact Communication Basics

• The Fulfilled Self – Maximize your Satisfaction



2-day Programs
• Women’s Leadership

• High Impact Communication

1-day Programs
• Create a Strong Personal Brand

• Develop Executive Presence

• Genuine Networking

• Maximize Confidence and Adopt a Mindset for Growth

• How to Give and Receive Feedback

• The Power of Peer Coaching



Communication Coaching
For female executives who need to show up at the regional or global level with presence and confidence

Intensive Learning Retreats
• Held in a vacation destination for participants from a single country or regional candidates

• Minimum two days of learning plus other wellness activities

• Can be done in conjunction with other meetings

Customized Learning Experiences
• 3 to 12 month programs that include training, peer coaching, and action assignments

• Maximize Confidence

• High Impact Communication

• Build Global Relationships

• Develop Executive Presence

• Own your Career


Strategic Consulting Projects
• Build pipelines of female talent

• Develop a comprehensive gender strategy that supports women and an inclusive environment

• Work with executives and managers to understand how to best recruit, retain and advance key female talent

• Work with Women’s Networks to run meaningful internal dialogue